Terms & Privacy Policy


General rules of the site

After depositing the money, the amount will not be returned under any circumstances

In case of deleting the page or post by Instagram, the site will not be responsible

Before registering the order, pay attention to the product description. In case of registering the wrong order or entering the wrong link and user, the site will not be responsible and the user is responsible for it.

If the page is closed during the order // order will be canceled and it is the responsibility of the user

When you place an order, it should not be registered from another site or server for that user or order post // Due to interference, the order deposit will not be made and it is the responsibility of the user

In case of any unreasonable and unwarranted harassment and sending insulting messages in the support section of the site - the site reserves the right to deal with these accounts and delete the account completely.


Panel specific rules


 All Telegram member services have drop and guarantee claims are provided only by the product service provider.
We are not responsible for member drop
 if the drop compensation option is provided for the service, we will activate it.



There is usually a drop percentage in most follower services
And only in the services on which the warranty is active, it is possible to check and compensate for the loss
The service warranty is mentioned by the product service provider and we are not responsible for the loss compensation - if there is an option for the loss compensation, we will activate it for the customer.
Services with the title - fake - cheap - there is a possibility of complete loss during the deposit and after that, we are not responsible.


It is possible to cancel the subscription in all services, and only services that have the warranty written on them can be reviewed.
Guaranteed Service - This claim is only by the service provider of the product and we are not responsible for compensation. If the service has the possibility of compensation, we will enable it for the customer.
YouTube viewing services are usually due to the strictness of the YouTube system (making money), there is a possibility of a drop in views, and this is the case in all markets and services.
Even in guaranteed viewing services, there are drop, and due to the strict rules of the YouTube system, drop are possible - we will send you a review request to the product service provider, but there is no guarantee that the drop will be compensated for

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